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Our volunteer opportunities are designed to connect skilled Chicagoans to volunteer opportunities with nonprofit arts, cultural, and creative organizations in the Chicago area. Our volunteers work with nonprofits on skills-based consulting projects to address the organizations’ management needs and On BOARD® candidates fill critical needs in organizations’ boards of directors. Also consider joining our own A&BC Board of Directors. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.


If you believe that creativity should be universally valued as a resource with limitless potential for social and economic impact, please consider making a donation or other investment in the services we provide for Chicago’s cultural workers and enterprises. Together we can work to ensure community vitality and an equitable creative economy. Learn more.


If your company or organization is looking for ways to strengthen communities, businesses, and the overall vitality of Chicago, please consider partnering with us. We envision a world where creativity is universally valued as a resource with limitless potential for social and economic impact for the following reasons:

  1. Creatives and their enterprises make communities culturally and economically vibrant. Neighborhood theaters, galleries, cafes, restaurants, boutique retailers, music venues, and other creative businesses are “not a mere afterthought or an add-on, but a key contributor to urban economic growth,” as noted in Bloomberg City Lab Economy. Meanwhile, Chicago’s global cultural influence continually increases the city’s appeal as its music, art, food, fashion, comedy, and theatre travel across international boarders and back again. For example, the city’s Black musicians incubated jazz, electric blues, and gospel music, laying the foundations of rock ’n’ roll before creating the global dance music phenomenon called house music.
  2. Culturally vibrant communities attract a talented workforce. The top reason that large businesses cite as their reason for choosing to operate in Chicago is access to a talented workforce, and the top reason talented people want to live in the city is for the quality of life that cultural vibrancy provides.
  3. Creatives provide immense value within the workforce. They not only start new businesses that drive the economy from the ground up, and create vibrant communities where people want to live, but their outside-the-box thinking is one of the most valuable assets in today’s rapidly shifting business world. More and more, big companies realize the need to innovate lest they be disrupted by scrappy startups, and that creative thinkers are the key to getting there.

If any of this resonates, please consider connecting with us to discuss potential partnerships.


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