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Getting Started

The Arts & Business Council of Chicago’s services to arts organizations include management consulting, educational labs, and board member training and matching. These programs are built to help Chicago-area arts nonprofits improve managerial and organizational capability.

To participate in our programs, which include Business Volunteers for the Arts and On BOARD (see below for more info), you must be an active client of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago (A&BC). We require that you be a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS to begin the application process.

The first step is to complete our New Client Application. Once you submit your application, A&BC will contact you to schedule your free consultation. This first meeting helps us better understand your needs and build a solution for you.

If you haven’t participated in our programs in 3 or more years, you will need to resubmit a New Client Application and come in for a consultation.

If you have questions about the above process, please contact Braden Cleary at or (312) 372-1876 ext. 105.

A Guide to A&BC Services

Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA)
The BVA program recruits and trains experienced business professionals interested in volunteering, and matches them to serve on pro bono consulting projects for arts nonprofits in the Chicago area.

The On BOARD program provides nonprofits with the opportunity to recruit trained individuals who are looking to join a nonprofit arts and cultural board of directors.

Learning Labs
A&BC provides learning labs and trainings for those looking to learn more about issues related to nonprofit management. Labs cover issues in management, marketing, finance, board development, and more.

This proprietary online tool helps your organization measure management and oversight capacity, helping you develop a plan to maximize your organization’s impact with the resources you have.