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smARTscope® is a proprietary Arts & Business Council online tool that helps arts organizations find opportunities for improvement and growth in their practice. This powerful tool assesses organization capacity in these six areas:

  • Concept Development & Planning
  • Board Governance
  • Income Generation
  • Financial Management
  • Audience Development & Marketing
  • Staffing & Organizational Structure

The healthy arts organization improves evenly across these six areas, effectively supporting its impact while maintaining stability and resilience. The smARTscope process will help you form a strong basis for strategic planning. This tool is normally offered through the Chicago Community Trust’s SMART Growth granting program.  Partaking in the assessment outside of the Trust’s program will have a cost that is associated with normal nonprofit consulting rates.

To inquire about smARTscope, please contact Sarah Frye at or (312) 372-1876 ext. 102.

smARTscope® is a registered trademark of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago.