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Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA)

The Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA) program recruits experienced business professionals and matches them to serve on pro-bono consulting projects for small-to-medium-sized arts nonprofits in the Chicago area. A&BC’s BVA consultants are thoroughly vetted, highly-qualified business professionals who have a demonstrated commitment to applying their skills to benefit arts organizations.

Ready for a consultant team?

BVA consultants work in groups of two to four and use their time and talents to work with your staff and board on a variety of business-related projects, including:

  • Board/Staff Retreat Facilitations
  • Board Roles/Responsibilities
  • Business Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Plans
  • Human Resources
  • Job Descriptions/Organizational Chart
  • Market Research
  • Marketing and Branding Plans
  • Operational Analyses
  • Strategic Plans

*BVA projects do not include: Legal, Fundraising, Graphic Design, IT, or Board Recruitment Plans

BVA projects usually last between 2-6 months. The time commitment depends on the nature of the project, but all parties agree on an expected outcome and completion date at an initial project meeting. For more information about project preparation, please review our FAQ sheet.

Apply to Receive BVA Service

If you’re an active A&BC client, you can apply for a BVA project by completing a short BVA Project Proposal.


We require that you be an active A&BC client before you can apply for a BVA project. Become a client by completing a New Client Application. New Client Applications and BVA Project Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Processing Fee

Organization’s Annual Budget Retreat Facilitations Management Consulting
<$450,000 $300 $300
$450,000 – $850,000 $300 $500
>$850,000 $300 $700

Since 2009, BVA volunteers have contributed more than 25,000 pro bono hours, valued at more than $3,800,000.


For more information about the BVA program, please contact Kenneth Franco, Director of Business Volunteers for the Arts, at or (312) 372-1876 ext. 102.