Hegewisch resident and artist, Oscar Sanchez, modeling his Chi Angel pin

Contributor: Oscar Sanchez / Artist

Why love Chicago? She’s a city with many children from all over the world. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t her intention to separate us, it wasn’t her intention for there to be an unequal distribution of wealth, it wasn’t her intention for the south side to be a utility.

So why do I love this city? Why am I proud of this city? Regardless of all the institutionalized hatred that has been implemented affecting marginalized and minority communities, you’ll see that these communities are the heart of Chicago. Expression is manifested (with communities) telling their stories and struggles; all unfiltered. You can walk from one place to another viewing the history & cultures that make up an area, through the lenses of murals on the walls, the fashions of architecture, the delicious food, oh don’t get me started on the food.

You see love, you see LIFE. You see communities, ethnicities, cultures, religions come together regardless of the borders that surround us; to welcome each other, embrace one another, and defend each other’s home & children.

What I am most proud of is the way the people of Chicago fight, fight the same institutions that were meant to keep us apart, meant for us to fear each other. But look at us, loving one another.

Hegewisch resident and artist, Oscar Sanchez

Now, for myself, the same way I love to explore this city, I love to explore different ways of expressing myself; through drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, videography. I come up with ideas implementing new mediums for me to be able to learn.

So, with my latest idea, I’m looking to expand this image of Chicago through a pin called “Chi Angel”. Now the word Angel ( ˈānjəl ) derives from the Hebrew word Malak meaning “messenger”. I would like this to be interrupted as  “We need to be messengers”. We must change the narrative by not only our words but through our actions; demonstrating love.

Chicago is known for its hate, segregation, racism, corruptness, etc. Let’s make our home be known for the love we have, and not only when we’re in other cities.  I’m proud of my city, therefore I want it to be known for its life, beauty, culture, and love.

I want everyone to share this feeling.

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