July 27, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am

This month our Round Table for Senior Leaders will discuss organizational development & leading change in a post-pandemic world.

We’re seeing the need for both coming out of the pandemic.  In our session we’ll explore the R.I.S.E- Model ( Relationships, Information, Strategy & Execution) for leaders to use to progress their teams and organizations.

As we navigate the transition “back to work” there are two predominate themes that have emerged over the past 6 months of the Round Tables: Equity & Trust

Consider: 9/10 companies are preparing to do some sort of hybrid model of work from home & in person, yet 60% have NO PLAN on how to do this.

 How then do leaders ensure equity and build trust across their teams and organization? At our Round Table we’ll look to address these and the following:

EQUITY- while admin folks might be able to work from home, folks such as educators or ticket takers must deliver services in the field

  • What challenges might you have in ensuring equity as you look to re-open?
  • What are your plans to create equity among roles or status?

TRUST- is primarily built being people by having proximity, consistently over time

  • How do we establish trust in a hybrid or 100% virtual model with new team members or in engaging (or reorienting) current team members in creating a strategy for the future?
  • How will you measure performance and progress in your setting?
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