October 26, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am

For the remainder of the year we will be exploring the theme of the senior leader’s role in “Undoing Past Harms… While Leading Future Strategy.”

Many leaders, whether new or seasoned, are faced with undoing harms created by systemic injustices or former leaders of their organizations.

For example:
– are you having a difficult time engaging former or new staff because of past grievances?
– are you attempting to articulate a strategy for the future yet mired by ingrained harmful cultural norms?
– are you unintentionally perpetuating cultural biases?

This is a big topic which deserves time to explore and that’s why we’ve dedicated September, October & November’s gathering’s to discuss this theme.

Round Tables for Senior Leaders are designed to benefit senior leaders from creative businesses and nonprofit organizations to convene with peers to discuss ideas, context, and emotions; to make sense; and re-orient their visions and actions.

Our facilitator is Myla Skinner, Founder and Managing Partner of Quarter Five which supports businesses and organizations as they navigate complex and consequential change such as Executive Leadership Transitions and Team Restructures; Diversity, and Equity, and Inclusion Design and Implementation. Myla has an unfaltering commitment to respect, equity, thoughtfulness, and intentionality and grounds her work in “calling people in and not out.”

Save the date of Tuesday November 23 for an additional Round Table exploring this theme.